Junior Beta Club

Welcome to the Junior Beta Club at William Winans Middle School, home of the Wildcats! Our club is part of the national Junior Beta organization, designed for students in grades 6th through 8th who are committed to excellence in academics, character, service, and leadership. As members, students receive a Certificate of Membership, a Membership Card, and a Lapel Pin, symbolizing their commitment to excellence and their role in our vibrant community.

Our Junior Beta Club encourages students to lead by serving others, with activities and projects that promote character-building and leadership skills. It's an exciting opportunity for students to engage and excel in their formative years at William Winans Middle School. By participating in Junior Beta, students prepare themselves not only for high school but also for college and future endeavors, making positive impacts in their community and beyond.

Join us to experience personal growth, meet new friends, and participate in state and national conventions. Let's show our Wildcat pride and strive for excellence together!


William Winans Middle School
Phone (601) 645-0008